Indiana Division

IAMFT Fall Conference

October 3-4, 2014

CenterPoint Counseling
Second Presbyterian Church
7701 North Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN  46202

THEME:  Emotionally Focused Therapy:  Working with Emotion to Strengthen Attachment Bonds with guest speaker Jeff Hickey, LCSW, Director of the Chicago Center for EFT

PLUS additional sessions on Ethics, Art Therapy, Suicide in the Military, HIPAA and Student Poster Presentations.

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2014 Fall Conference Brochure

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2014 Fall Conference Schedule Overview

Earn up to 10 CEUs

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Sponsorship Exhibitor Form Fall Conference 2014


To be presented at the 2014 Annual Fall Conference

October 3-4, 2014


IAMFT is very pleased to support students in marriage and family therapy programs in Indiana.  We hope you will encourage your students to participate and attend the two day event. 

Poster Presentations
The Indiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is accepting proposals for poster presentations for the 2014 Annual Fall Conference. Poster Presentations are one key component of the conference emphasizing the importance of current MFT research. Poster presentations also highlight recommended best practice management strategies.

Posters are visual displays highlighting the key points of a paper or project. Sharing poster presentations allows one-on-one interaction with conference attendees and presenters. Posters of clinical work, theoretical review, research-in-progress, and/or original research outcomes are invited for consideration.

This year IAMFT will be awarding the top three presentations a monetary gift of $75 for first place, $50 for second place and $25 for third place.    Please find attached the instructions for submissions: Iamft Poster 2014 Application - Extended

REMEMBER-- the deadline for submissions is September 30th.  Awards will be on display both Friday and Saturday, October 3 and 4 with awards presented Saturday at approximately 12:30 pm.  E-mail the requested information by September 30th  to

Thank you,

Ann Ninness on behalf of the IAMFT Board of Directors



839 IAC 1-6-1 Continuing Education                                                                 

Authority: IC 25-23.6-2-8
Affected: IC 25-23.6 

Sec. 1. (a) As used in IC 25-23.6, "continuing education" means education provided by board-approved providers which is obtained by a licensee in order to maintain, improve, or expand the licensee's skills and knowledge. As used in this rule, "CEU" means one (1) continuing education hour. 

(b) Continuing education shall be comprised of two (2) categories, Category I and Category II. The licensee shall obtain a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the required amount of CEUs for renewal from Category I and may obtain a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the required amount of CEUs for renewal from Category II. 

(c) Category I is defined as continuing education that is formal programming, which includes the following: 

1. 1. Formally organized courses. 
2. 2. Workshops. 
3. 3. Seminars. 
4. 4. Symposia. 
5. 5. Institutes. 
6. 6. Home study programs, including: 

A. A. computer; 
B. B. audio; 
C. C. video; and 
D. D. instructional programs, accredited by board-approved organizations. 

7. 7. Courses that are relevant to the license holder's professional skills, which are part of the curriculum of an accredited university, college, or educational institution, shall earn fifteen (15) CEUs for each academic semester hour completed, or ten (10) CEUs for each academic quarter hour completed. 
8. 8. Faculty teaching a course for the first time at an accredited university, college, or educational institution shall earn one and one-half (1½) CEUs for every hour taught. 

(d) CEUs obtained from Category I sponsors shall earn the amount of continuing education hours granted by the program sponsor. If the sponsor does not grant continuing education hours, then one (1) CEU will be granted for each clock hour of attendance. 

(e) Category II is defined as continuing education that is self-directed, which includes the following: 

1. 1. Journal clubs, earns one (1) CEU for each hour attended. 
2. 2. Office in-services, earns one (1) CEU for each hour attended. 
3. 3. Case conferences that are specifically designed for training or teaching, earns one (1) CEU for each hour attended. 
4. 4. Services as an instructor, presenter, or supervisor in a relevant professional seminar, workshop, or training conference earns one (1) CEU for each hour of service, but only for the initial instruction, presentation, or supervision given. 
5. 5. Research and publication of research results in a recognized professional journal or book form, earns ten (10) CEUs, but may only be claimed for the initial publication of the information. 
6. 6. Providing peer review of another licensee's therapy and skills, which includes consultation, conference, and critique, earns one (1) CEU for each hour spent with the peer for this purpose. 
7. 7. Services on boards and commissions and holding office in professional organizations, specifically related to the licensee's profession, earns one (1) CEU for each hour of service. (Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Mental Health Counselor Board; 839 IAC 1-6-1; filed Dec 29, 1998, 10:57 a.m.: 22 IR 1512; readopted filed Dec 2, 2001, 12:30 p.m.: 25 IR 1313) 

For more information regarding CEU’s and requirements, please click on the following link:







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